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Reason to Visit Vladivostok

When I tell people who have never been to Vladivostok how special it is, I often find myself lacking words. Because the city is so magnificent, every single visitor (with very few exceptions) immediately falls in love with it; whether it is love at first sight or a complicated and passionate romance. 

National Geographic included Vladivostok it top 10 of oceanfront cities. 

The Road to Vladivostok

Vladivostok is a major transport hub in the Russian Far East. The city’s  main transport facilities include Vladivostok International Airport  (VVO), a maritime terminal and a railway station.  

Vladivostok International Airport is at the crossroads of air routes  connecting the Russian Far East with countries of the Asia-Pacific  region. The airport serves flights by Russian and foreign airlines and  offers flights to and from roughly 45 destinations.


Welcome to Vladivostok! Local time is 7 hours ahead of Moscow. You can check the city’s website VL.RU for the current exchange rate. 

VISA: Free port of Vladivostok

Applying for VISA at embassy/consulate you required an invitation letter 

(Only printed copy of e-invitation letter is enough for applying visa which you can get from travel agency on your personal email which cost around 1300 RUB.)

Officials of embassy/consulate electronically verify your Visa invitation letter.

Visit website of travel agency 

From Aug 2017 nationals of 18 foreign states offer free e-visa for free port of Vladivostok 

See & Do

Inside this submarine you can literally touch the heroic past: the interior of the submarine’s central and bow compartments is preserved in its original form.



Walk along the waterfront on any of the four embankments in Vladivostok to feel the ocean breeze and pulse of the city.

Three bridges that remarkably improved Vladivostok’s landscape and traffic flow and changed the lives of over half-a-million people for the better.



Welcome to the “world’s end” — a place where the land meets the Pacific Ocean.

This is the place where Vladivostok residents met the future Emperor Nicholas II with bread and salt upon his visit in 1891.



This charming little cable car is a tourists’ all-time favorite in Vladivostok.

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