The Road to Vladivostok: Getting there

You can reach the capital of Primorye by plane, train, or sea ferry;  of course, plane is the quickest. Flight of Aeroflot from Moscow usually takes 8 hours and from St. Petersberg takes around 9 hours.also You can reached from Seoul and Tokyo within 2-3 hours 


Vladivostok International Airport  is located in the village of Knevichi, 38 km outside the city. A new  terminal was built for the APEC summit a few years ago and today  it is one of the seaside capital’s most modern and beautiful buildings. 

The most inexpensive way to travel to Vladivostok’s city center is to  take a shuttle van 107, which goes to the main railway station. A ticket  costs 100 rubles and the trip lasts 1 hour 24 minutes.

 The bus stations are located at the station square, opposite the exit from the airport.  

This is the most comfortable way to travel. It’s best to ignore the proposals from private taxi drivers, and instead use «PrimAutoLine», the airport’s official taxi company. The taxi stands are located near the domestic terminal exit or download MAXIM taxi app and take a ride,It's UBER of Vladivostok

Use the high-speed train to reach Vladivostok and avoid  traffic. The train terminal is connected to the airport. Travel time  is 51 minutes and the fares are about 230 rubles for adults and 50 rubles for  children. The train will take you to the Vladivostok railway station. 

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