Overseas higher education offers an opportunity for growth and development that only a few other experiences can provide so intensely. High-quality prestigious education recognized all over the world.

Russia ranks amongst the top preferred and emerging destination for international students.

Studying in Russia gives the opportunity to experience unique Russian culture, get an education on high modern standards and strong academic tradition. Every year tens of thousands of student from all over the world come to study in Russia to get prestigious, globally recognized and affordable education.

Every year Government of Russian Federation 15000 places for foreigners to study for free means on Scholarship basis.

The last section of this blog consists of Procedure and document required to apply for Russian State Scholarship.

Moscow State University
Higher Education in Russia

Higher education in Russia consists of three levels. In 2003, Russia joined the Bologna Process (Bachelor’s degree – Master’s degree – Postgraduate studies).

The language of Instruction in Russian Universities are only Russian and Scholarship are provided for Russian taught programme only. International students who don`t speak Russian can benefit from an additional one-year course which is call preparatory or pre-university course: Some educational programs offered by Russian universities are taught in English,in full or in part.

Preparatory (pre-university) courses (or starter level) (1 year)

Students learn the Russian language, as well as improve their knowledge in secondary school subjects related to their future field of study, in order to prepare for the university course. Preparatory courses are free.

The first level of Russia’s higher education includes the stages listed below:

Bachelor’s degree(4 years);

Specialist degree(5–5,5 years)

— this level of higher education is specific to Russia, and is designed to enable students to master complex educational programs in high-technology;You can choose one of these stages, getting an education at any stage already guarantees you a full higher education. A graduation certificate (school diploma) is required to apply for enrollment in a higher education institution.

Second level of higher education

Master’s degree (2 years).

You can enroll in a Master’s degree program upon completing a Bachelor’s degree (or Specialist degree);

The third level of education consists of • postgraduate studies (3 to 4 years) for training researchers and professors. This level features in-depth research. A Master’s or Specialist degree is required to enroll. You will need to submit a research paper as part of your application form.

All of the above degree programs (except for postgraduate studies) can be taken in full,or as part time study.

Additional professional education in Russia:

• summer/winter schools are short-term courses offered by universities (ranging from 1 week to 2 months) various fields of study;

• additional professional education consists of short-term educational programs designed to expand students’ professional knowledge and skills (72 hours to 2 years).

Procedure of application for scholarship to study in Russia

The procedure for the selection of foreign citizens and stateless persons to study within the quota/Scholarship established by the Government of the Russian Federation for the education of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Russian Federation.

The selection of foreign citizens is carried out in two stages:

The first stage includes the selection in the territory of a foreign country of foreign citizens for admission to study means first stage of selection carried out at country of permanent residence of candidate at Russian Center for Science and Culture(RCSC).

The second stage of selection is carried out by educational organizations that are ready to accept foreign students from among the candidates selected at the first stage.

  • First Stage of Selection

1. Search your desire field of study, education programme and universities at official & recognized website by Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation i.e.

2. Register on russia. study portal to fill an free application form on

  • 2.1 Fill in the application form and don`t forget to leave your contact information (telephone number, additional email addresses) that will be used throughout the application process.

  • 2.2. You will receive a letter at your email address provided during registration. Please note that the email addresses can`t be changed during the selection process.

  • 2.3 Click on the link in the letter and continue to fill in the application form.

  • 2.4 Go to section «Programs», choose the educational program (in the field «Group of educational programs» choose your desired education programme ), and fill in the level of education (Bachelor’s degree, Specialist,Master’s degree, Postgraduate studies, Additional professional education). The choice of the education level in Russia depends on the education you already have. Choose up to six universities (not more than two from one city) and rank them by priority with «1» being your first choice. Indicate whether you speak Russian.

  • 2.5 In the application form, provide information on where you intend to obtain your visa (please check the address of the Russian embassy/consulate before application).

3. Prepare the required document and upload their scan copies with your application form in your personal cabinet.

  • Document on the current level of education (graduation certificate, diploma).If you haven’t received your diploma or graduation certificate by the time you need to submit the application form, provide an extract from your grade book / Undergraduate Academic Transcript (semesterwise) reflecting your academic performance.

  • Passport valid for at least 1.5 years after your planned arrival in Russia (otherwise, your visa application will be refused).

  • HIV/AIDS Test Certificate.

  • Medical certificate issued by a medical institution in the country of your permanent residence on the absence contre-indication for you to study in Russia.

If you applying for postgraduate studies, you have to submit a research paper detailing your research interests, and the highlights of your research project.

All of the above mentioned documents must be translated into Russian and notarized when your status changed o Selected for Scholarship in your personal cabinet.

You need to upload their scans in your application form. For more information on requirements regarding translation and nostrification of documents, as well as the cost of these services, contact the Russian embassy/consulate or the Russian Center for Science and Culture in your country.

After successful completing of the application form, don`t forget to click

«Submit Application»

If your application form isn`t processed within 10 business days,contact the Russian embassy/consulate or the Russian Center for Science and Culture in your country. After that, follow status updates for your application form at changing to «Application accepted».

4. Pass the test at Russian center of Science and Culture or embassy/Consulate of Russian Federation.

You will receive an invitation for test by email or in your personal account at stating the venue and date of your test. Please take with you your passport or another identification document, notepad and pen.

The format of the test is determined by the Russian embassy/consulate or the Russian Center for Science and Culture in your country. The selection process may include several stages, including a written part, an oral part and an interview. The test may feature a test of your knowledge in mathematics and physics, as well as an evaluation of whether you are interested and ready to study in Russia.

If you succeed in the test, you will receive a notification in your personal account at on the approval of your application form by the employees of the Russian Center for Science and Culture or Russian embassy/consulate (application form status will change to «Test done», «Selected for scholarship (quota)», «Dossier completed»). If you don`t pass the test, you will not be entitled to study under the scholarship (quota) this year. You can prepare and try again next year or you may apply for contract base study in this case you have to bear all the expenses for study in Russia.

  • Second Stage of Selection

After the successful passing of the selection stage in your country, the application from and the attached documents on are forwarded with to the second stage — to the universities indicated in your application form. All the universities you select will review your application form, and one of them will offer you a place. In this case, your application

form status at will change to «Distributed»

You can find out at about your university placement as well as whether your visa reference is ready. To do that, enter your registration (identification) number from and email-id on the homepage of in the section «Track your application».

Get Ready and Come to Russia!

Russian Center of Science and Culture in India

Russian Centre for Science and Culture in New Delhi

+ 91 11 233 291 00; + 91 11 233 291 01

India, New Delhi, 24, Ferozeshah Road

Russian Cultural Centre department in Calcutta

+ 91 33 228 327 42

India, Kolkata, 3, Gorky Sadan, 3 Gorky Terrace

Russian Cultural Centre department in Mumbai

+ 91 22 2351 2495, + 91 22 2351 0793, + 91 22 2351 1248

India, Mumbai, 31-A, Dr. Gopalrao Deshmukh Marg

Russian Cultural Centre department in Trivandrum

+ 91 471 233-83-99

India, Thiruvananthapuram, 14/2004-06 Vanross Junction, S.Roerich Road, University P.O.

Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Chennai

+ 91 44 2499 0050

India, Chennai, 74, Kasturi Ranga Road

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