Places around the globe where Rupee would let you spend lavishly

Taking a trip to a foreign country might be the next entry on your bucket list, well, you are not alone just like you many others plan but don’t implement it because of the stumbling block called MONEY. For us Indians travelling abroad is an expensive gig. We usually think that having a holiday in abroad is going to cost us a hefty amount. Earning in rupees does not mean its difficult for you to tour round the world and spend lavishly. Even though it is not the strongest currency, you can still enjoy beautiful vacations where the Indian rupee won’t feel that small.

Pack your bags, get your passport ready and get on a ride to those countries where you can have rejuvenating holidays without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. VIETNAM (1 INR = 338 Vietnamese Dong) 

A place with the richest, sumptuous and flavorsome food you can get your hands on – the Vietnamese food. It is placed rich in natural beauty, with lush greens and spectacular locales you can get to enjoy a variety of flavor in few bucks. The place is known for its rich tourist attraction and when you are there you’ll get the feel of an epic Spielberg movie. To add to it, the place offers you a great value for your Indian money with 1 Indian Rupee equaling approximately 338 Vietnamese Dongs.

2. INDONESIA (1 INR=197 Indonesian Rupiah)

The country comprises of thousands of beautiful islands and is one heck of a place to tour. With a currency rate of almost 200 times, yes it’s one Indian Rupee equaling 197 Indonesian Rupiah you can do a lot of shopping in this country known for great local outlets. You can enjoy a tranquil evening at a beach or a rejuvenating spa session. The Indonesian beaches are the perfect place for photographers to capture some precious moments. 

3. MONGOLIA (1 INR=29 Mongolian Tugrik)

A land filled with history and brave people. It is unbelievable how nomad families still live today, in the modern days, the way their ancestor did hundred years ago. It looks like a land frozen in time, with vast plains and majestic mountain, where horses roam free. Even so, Mongolia still has its unique charm, being very different than any other countries. Also, food and drink here is everywhere, especially drink. Mongolians are big fans of vodka, so there will be no problem to find some, in all the quantities you can drink. And considering the fact that one rupee is 29.83 Tugriks, you can imagine that you will afford all the vodka you will want if you can handle it.

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