FIFA 2018: Wonderful attractions and fun facts about Moscow

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Heading to Moscow to attend FIFA world cup 2018, the biggest tournament on the planet? While the excitement to watch the game will keep you occupied, here's what you can do in your free time. After all, who would want to miss opportunity to trot around the beautiful city while visiting Russia?

The largest city in Europe, Moscow boasts of many world famous sites, skyscrapers and historical monuments. More than 800 year old,it has many grand fortress and cathedrals. It also the most populated city in Russia and is the hub of many political, economic, cultural and scientific centres.


* The first ever McDonald's in Russia opened in Pushkin square in Moscow on 31 Jan 1990. 

* The Moscow State University is the largest and beautiful university building in the world.

* The Russian state library in Moscow founded in 1862 is the biggest in Europe and second biggest in the World after Library of Congress in Washington,USA.

* According to Forbes, Moscow has the largest number of billionaires.

* Moscow has the third busiest metro in the world.

Tourist Attractions

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