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Moscow Kremlin

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The apex of Russian political power and once the centre of the Orthodox Church, the Kremlin is not only the kernel of Moscow, but of the whole country. From here, autocratic tsars, communist dictators and modern-day presidents have done their best – and worst – for Russia.

Covering Borovitsky Hill on the north bank of the Moscow River, the Kremlin is enclosed by high walls 2.25km long, with Red Square outside the east wall. The best views of the complex are from Sofiyskaya nab across the river. There are 20 towers are located in at specific interval on Kremlin walls but Spasskaya tower is most famous tower of Moscow Kremlin

Before entering the Kremlin, deposit bags (for free) at the left-luggage office, beneath the Kutafya Tower near the main ticket office in Alexander Garden. The entrance ticket covers admission to all five church-museums and the Patriarch's Palace. It does not include the Armoury, the Diamond Fund Exhibition or the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, which are priced separately.

Photography is not permitted inside the Armoury or any of the buildings on Sobornaya pl (Cathedral Sq).



RUB 700



10am-5pm Fri-Wed, 

ticket office

9.30am-4.30pm Fri-Wed




What to see in the Kremlin

Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square or Sobornaya Ploschad is the central square of Moscow Kremlin.

The Square owes its name to the three cathedral facing it Uspensky sobor i.e. Cathedral of Assumption, Blagoveschensky sobor i.e. Cathedral of Annunciation,  Arkhangelsky sobor i.e. Cathedral of Archangel

Cathedral of Assumption

It's Cathedral where the coronation of Russian Monarch(Tsar) was held from 1547 to 1896.It is the burial place for most of the Moscow Metropolitans and Patriachs of the Russian Orthodox Church and it also serve as a part of Moscow Kremlin Museums

Cathedral of Archangel

Most beautiful cathedral of Moscow Kremlin from inside where the graves of Russian Tsar and princess are located. There are 54 burials in the cathedral with 46 ornamented whitestone tomb and glazed cases made up of bronze. The interior of cathedral entirely covered with the beautiful holy icons

Cathedral of Annunciation

This cathedral is Russian orthodox church dedicated to Annunciation of the Theotokos. It is connects directly to the main building of the complex of the Grand Kremlin Palace.  It was originally the personal chapel for the Muscovite tsars, and its abbot remained a personal confessor of the Russian royal family until the early 20th century. Now it also serves as a part of Moscow Kremlin Museums.

Ivan the Great Bell Tower

It is the tallest tower and structure of the Kremlin with the height of 81 metres. It was built in 1508 on cathedral square.The Ivan the Great Bell Tower today contains 22 bells. Of these, 18 small bells hang in the base and in the middle of the bell tower. Of the four large bells, one is named the Uspenski Bell and weighs 65.5 tons.

Tsar Canon

The Tsar Cannon is a large early modern period artillery piece on display on the grounds of the Moscow Kremlin. It is a monument of Russian artillery casting art, cast in bronze in 1586 in Moscow. Mostly of symbolic impact, it was never used in a war. Per the Guinness Book of Records it is the largest bombard by caliber in the world and it is a major tourist attraction in the ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin.

Tsar Bell

The Tsar Bell is located between the Ivan the Great Bell Tower and the Kremlin Wall. Made of bronze, the bell cracked during a fire after being completed and has never been rung. The bell is the largest bell in the world weighing 201,924 kilograms with a height of 6.14 metres. The broken piece weighs 11,500 kilograms 

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