Russia is a great place to travel all the year round. Interesting itineraries are available both in winter and in summer. All types of scenery, climates, fauna and flora, amazing landscapes and nature reserves create a vast number of tourist itineraries. Even a lifetime is not enough to try them all.


Russia is a land of records. Many figures about it impress a lot. This is the world’s largest country that spreads for almost 10,000 km (6,214 miles) east to west; it has the longest coastline, maximum drop of temperature and the largest population of brown bears, one of the best-known symbols of Russia. Glaciers and palm trees, megalopolises and small villages, undisturbed wildlife areas and sites that attract tourists from all over the world


Russia as a country has its all. You will learn about the country’s rich culture and unique history while walking in the streets of Russian cities and towns. You will feel the aura and power while visiting the country’s unique natural sites. Here every traveler will find an activity or thing he or she likes. Thus, you can climb mountains, admire exceptional museum collections, take photos against exhilarating landscapes, see the lifestyle of indigenous minorities or rack your brains about the mysteries of ancient sacral places. If you combine sightseeing with active leisure this will make your trip even more memorable. Russia offers countless traveling options, so it is easy to get confused.

Russia Travel Guide


During any season, at any hour, Moscow thrills visitors with its artistry, history and majesty. 


Vladivostok is a mysterious entity saturated with sea salt and wind.

Way to Russia: How to get Russian visa

Types of Russian Visa & Invitation

There are 6 main types of Russian visas: a tourist visa, a business visa, a student visa, a personal visa, a work visa, a transit visa - each type corresponds to the purpose of your visit. However, many people come for a short business trip with tourist visas, and many people come to visit their friends with business visas. So, when choosing the type visa, the only consideration should be your convenience in terms of price of the visa, its speed of processing, the period of stay this visa allows and the number of entries the visa allows. Especially, as Russian officials seem not to care about which visa you finally take, what matters is how much you pay... However, when filling in an application form in the field "purpose of your trip" you should specify the purpose corresponding to the type of your visa. If you apply for a tourist visa, specify "tourism", if you apply for a business visa, specify "business meetings" or "seminars", if you apply for a private visa, specify "visiting friends". (according to Fed. Law #114-FZ, Ch.4, A.26 - see above).


Generally, the most convenient options in terms of price, processing speed and flexibility are tourist and business visas. It's better to get a tourist visa if you plan to stay in Russian no longer than one month, and need single-entry only. It's better to get a business visa if you plan to stay in Russia longer than 1 month and / or need a multiple-entry visa.
The business visa invitations are longer to get and are more expensive, than the tourist ones. However, they offer more flexibility allowing longer periods of stay and multiple entries to Russia.


The invitation (also called visa support) is a special document issued by the party that invites you to Russia. The invitation is required by a Russian consulate to be able to process your visa. For every type of visa, there exists a different type of invitation (tourist, business, work, private, student).
The invitation (visa support) can be issued by a Russian travel agency or by a company or organisation authorized by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).



Russian Tourist Visa

This type of visa is issued for the travelers who come to Russia for tourism purposes. This visa is easiest to get and the least expensive of all visas, so it's ideal for tourists. A tourist Russian visa is single-entry or double-entry only and can be valid for the period up to 30 days. It usually takes the Russian consulate from 1 to 10 days to issue this type of visa and will cost from RUB 1300 to RUB 2600, depending on the time of processing.


To obtain the Russian tourist visa, you need a tourist invitation. The tourist invitation comprises a tourist voucher and a tourist reservation confirmation, sometimes these two documents may be united in one. These documents can be issued by a Russian travel agency, which is registred as a tourist company in Russia, has a registration in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), and has a reference number in MFA. All these data should be stated on the invitation.


The price of a tourist invitation is usually RUB 1500 to RUB 2500, and it takes 1 hour to 1 day to issue it. It is usually sent to the applicant by fax, by e-mail (scanned copy), or by post (if the Russian consulate requires originals for some countries).


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